Saturday, October 1, 2016

Man flown to Brisbane after overseas crash
Jack McKay, RHIAN DEUTROM, The Courier-Mail
October 1, 2016 12:28am

A MAN who sustained a severe leg injury in a horrific road crash in Cambodia has arrived in Brisbane to receive leg-saving surgery.
Peter Maitland, of Ashgrove, was riding a motorcycle along a Phnom Penh road last month when he was hit by a car.
The 35-year-old has not left hospital since and has already had nine rounds of surgery.
Mr Maitland said he was upset to leave Cambodia but was looking forward to receiving further medical treatment at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.
“The only reason I’ve come home is because of the hospitals,” he said.

“I don’t want to bad mouth the hospitals over there because they’ve been fantastic but obviously Australia’s a richer country than Cambodia is.
Mr Maitland had been working as a teacher in Cambodia where he lived with his 33-year-old fiancée Elena Belevtseva.
He hopes to be able to walk by the time of their wedding, which is scheduled to take place in Cambodia later this year.
“I can’t wait to get back over there,” he said.
“We’re due to get married in December in Cambodia so that’s our big aim that I can walk by then.”
EARLIER: A HORRIFIC road crash on a Cambodian road has left a Brisbane man fighting to keep his leg.
Peter Maitland, from Ashgrove, was riding a motorbike along a Phnom Penh road when he was hit by a car last month.
The crash caused massive injuries to Mr Maitland’s right leg, ankle and foot.
It left him confined in Cambodian and Thai hospitals for weeks. he arrived back in Brisbane today.
Mr Maitland had been working as a teacher at a local Cambodian school and lived with his fiancee Elena Belevtseva.
Images and updates – posted by Mr Maitland on his social media account – show a gangrenous, bruised leg, supported by pins and dressings.
“I have no feeling in my toes ... I have the worst pain I have ever experienced in my feet and ankles and it is very, very horrific,” Mr Maitland wrote to family and friends on Facebook.
While he hoped his leg would not have to be amputated, Mr Maitland wrote that the option was definitely “still on the cards”.
“Hopefully I will be able to beat amputation but it is still on the cards.”
After enduring nine excruciating operations, the latest in a Bangkok hospital, Mr Maitland and Ms Belevtseva will be evacuated to Brisbane’s Mater Hospital this morning.
The pair had just secured an apartment in the southern city of Kampot and were making plans to be married in December.
“Without my beautiful princess Elena Belevtseva there is no way I could make it through this torture,” Mr Maitland wrote.
“The moral of the story is get out there, do something new, don’t trust Phnom Penh Lexus drivers and finally get insurance.”

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