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From Krabei

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Very good Krabei! We need just a leader, a ringleader not Raingsi and Sokha who had betrayed Khmer people!


To the Leadership, and Rank and File of the CNRP
Democracy has been defined as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The greatest good of the greatest number is the fundamental principle of democracy.
People choose their representatives through elections which are the normal features of democracies all over the world. Elections imply existence of more than one political party. It, therefore, implies that there should be more than one party in a democratic country. The CNRP commanded the confidence of the Khmer people who gave it a voting majority in the 2013 national election, and was called upon to form the government. Unfortunately Hun Sen Cambodia has never tolerated a free nor fair election; our vote has been stolen from us.
The CNRP leadership, and rank and file, instead of standing firm and reject the ruling regime deceptive practice, accepted the squatter CPP's offer, and agree to join their illegitimate legislature as opposition party, defying the voters' wishes, causing profound disappointment and undermining trust among its supporters.
To add insult upon injury, the CNRP has decided to destroy what remains of its credibility by conspiring to negotiate behind closed door with the CPP in the effort to alter the NEC and election rules to favor the ruling party, through willful violation of numerous articles of the Constitution, all the while deliberately ignoring its roles and responsibilities to the voters. Far from being a vigilant opposition party that strives to become a sound guarantee against the authoritarian Hun Sen regime and the CPP, the CNRP appears to be eager to thrash the interest of the oppressed Khmer masse and assume the new role as a rubber stamp for the CPP's agenda to hold on to power.
We, the people, must remind the leadership, rank and file, that as THE opposition party, the CNRP must function as a watch-dog of the rights of the people, making a national debate possible on important issues facing the country, educating the people and formulating public opinion on all important national and international issues, by putting forward all the relevant facts, not negotiating behind closed door. It has been said that the chief function of the opposition is to propose, oppose, expose, and depose.
CNRP can avail itself of many opportunities to persuade the ruling CPP to reconsider its decision or to agree to its point of view by:
-        Questions for eliciting information,
-        Call-Attention notices for drawing the attention of government to cases of misuse of power, waste of public money, negligence, injustice, or malpractices,
-        Adjournment Motions for exposing certain lapses of the government and,
-        No-Confidence motions for expressing lack of confidence in the government.
These are well-known parliamentary weapons in the armory of the opposition, which can be used very effectively by a strong opposition. Shall it find that it's being squashed by the CPP and unable to make any move to bring about positive changes the party leadership, rank and file must stop crying in the wilderness and start waging a forceful public diplomacy campaign to tell the world that:
-        The PPA of October 1991, which has been mandated without any kind of enforcement leverage is useless against Hun Sen regime, and therefore all signatories (including the U.S.) must convene as soon as possible to address the issue.
-        The country is  being ruled by an entrenched group of thugs who sole purpose is to consolidate power and care nothing about the rule of law, not accountable to the interests and needs of the people; and therefore the current Phnom Penh government is illegitimate, making Cambodia a FAILED STATE.
-        If none of the above plea is resolved through peaceful and diplomatic means by the world powers who signed the PPA, Khmer people are entitled the right to organize a popular uprising to retake the country back, to re-establish the rule of law, and to restore Cambodia sovereignty by all means necessary.
Like a shepherd and his flock of sheep surrounded by wolves, throwing your lamb to appease the wolves is not the answer; he, the shepherd, must enlist the help of a robust German Shepherd to stop the wolves from preying on his flock endlessly.

By Krabei

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Very good Krabei! We need just a leader, a ringleader not Raingsi and Sokha who had betrayed Khmer people!