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Teenager shot dead in land dispute
Tue, 29 July 2014
A Royal Cambodian Armed Forces soldier shot a 19-year-old farmer dead in Preah Vihear province’s Kulen district on Sunday during a disagreement over a neighbour’s apparent land dispute, witnesses and authorities said yesterday.
According to Srayorn commune police chief Kim Sarien, suspect Poeun Tash, 30, was detained by villagers at the scene on Sunday afternoon after he allegedly shot Try Chamroeun during a verbal disagreement. Tash has been in the custody of district police since yesterday morning.
Pich Sokheng, 60, said she was one of 13 villagers helping Chamroeun plant soybeans on his 2-hectare plot of land in Snar Phar Em village on Sunday when a soldier with a chainsaw began cutting down a tree on her own soybean patch a short distance away.
She and Chamroeun’s younger sister went to ask the soldier to stop, but he refused, saying the land belonged to his boss, Major Sun Horm.
“Suddenly, the soldier made a phone call, and then another soldier armed with an AK rifle came out of the forest,” she said, adding that the newcomer, Tash, fired a shot in the air.
When Chamroeun saw what was happening, she continued, he and other villagers came over to help.
“They walked towards him, asking the soldier to put the gun down to have a talk, but he did not,” she said. “Chamroeun was about three metres away, and the soldier shot him in the left arm once, and then another shot in chest, passing through from the right to the left,” she added. “He fell to the ground covered with blood.”
Other villagers then rushed Tash, restrained him and turned him over to police, said the victim’s aunt, Sros Vanna. The other soldier at the scene fled.
Chamroeun was sent to the commune health centre, but pronounced dead on arrival.
The victim’s father, Svay Min, 69, said his and 10 other families had cleared about 27 hectares of forest for farming in the area in 2011, and had never run into trouble before. But last week, he added, soldiers told them they could no longer farm there because the land belonged to their superior, Major Sun Horm of Unit 41, and the they would have to leave the area.
“A few days ago, the soldiers threatened us, saying ‘you all will not abandon the land unless one or two of you go missing’. They killed my son on purpose,” said Min, himself a former soldier during the Sihanouk and Lon Nol regimes. “It is unspeakable.”
The family yesterday filed a complaint to commune police yesterday demanding $25,000 in compensation, he said, and has asked the court to punish both the soldier and the commanding officer.
“If no one ordered it, the soldier would not dare to shoot like this,” Min said, while grimly allowing that “nothing can make my son live” again.
Contact information for Horm could not be found yesterday, but Meas Yoeun, the deputy provincial military commander, said that while he was not aware of the case the court should take action against the soldier if he had committed the murder.
Deputy Provincial police chief Keo Chamroeun said Tash was likely to be sent to the provincial court today and that he had heard the soldiers were actually felling trees on land bordering the villagers’ plots when the argument broke out.
“The soldier said the villagers wanted to grab and detain him and kept walking towards him, so he shot. It is a murder case, but I do not know if it is connected with a land dispute,” he said.
If the situation were related to a land dispute, it would be reminiscent of the 2012 shooting death of a 14-year-old girl at the hands of state security forces in Kratie province’s Pro Ma village, which was embroiled in a land dispute with the agribusiness company Casotim.
Adhoc senior investigator Chan Soveth said the organisation would continue to investigate, and noted that, despite an ambitious land-titling program and a moratorium on economic land concessions, “land disputes are still a hot issue for Cambodian people”.

Contact author: Phak Seangly

Devil’s in the details
Wed, 30 July 2014
Progress towards amending the constitution and election law – key prerequisites of a deal to bring the opposition party into parliament – hit a snag yesterday, with Cambodia National Rescue Party president Sam Rainsy saying the next steps depend on the ruling party.
Three working group meetings were held at the National Assembly aimed at amending the rules of parliament, the election law and the constitution.
“The result today varied from one group to another,” Rainsy said. “The working group on the National Assembly has completed its work. The draft amendment has been completed. It will be submitted for approval when the National Assembly meets.
“But the two working groups on the constitution and the election law have not moved forward very significantly,” he added.
The cross-party meetings yesterday followed the announcement on Monday that the president of the rights group Licadho, Pung Chhiv Kek, had accepted an offer to become the crucial ninth member of a reformed National Election Committee (NEC).
She will likely hold the deciding vote in the new election body, with four candidates appointed to represent the interests of both the CNRP and the ruling Cambodian People’s Party.
Choosing Kek as the ninth member, widely seen as the only candidate both parties could agree on, removed what was thought to be the biggest stumbling block in the way of fulfilling the political deal struck between Rainsy and Prime Minister Hun Sen on July 22.
The opposition’s 55 elected members could still take their seats as early as next week, but Rainsy said yesterday this now hinges on how the CPP approaches the next round of talks.
“At the request of the CPP, they have requested another meeting either on Friday or Monday. They say they cannot meet [today]. We are prepared to meet [today], but how we move forward now really depends on the CPP delegation,” he said.
Members of the CPP working group could not be reached to respond to Rainsy’s comments.
The CPP, however, is heralding the beginning of a new era of transparency in the country.
Speaking to reporters after the conclusion of yesterday’s talks, Chheang Vun, spokesman of the National Assembly and head of the CPP’s delegation, said that in future, politicians from both sides of the aisle would hold press conferences after each parliamentary session.
“We have amended the National Assembly’s regulations so that, after each session of parliament, every political party with seats in the parliament will have the opportunity to talk with journalists by holding press conferences for 20 minutes,” he said.
Reporters will not be allowed to attend sessions of parliament or photograph inside the chamber, he added.
CNRP spokesman Yem Ponnarith downplayed perceived obstacles in the talks, saying that the talks lasted until about 6pm because the opposition had so many questions for the government working groups.
“Before, we have not implemented [the internal regulations] fully. We have debated for a long time on this point, to have the government implement them according to the internal order of parliament, either verbally or in writing,” he said.
Phay Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said Hun Sen had shown he was willing to preside over a “transition” period.
“The CNRP accused the election committee [of bias]; now everyone has agreed to overhaul it…it’s a very good move,” he said.
“He has reformed the National Assembly for the national interest, even though he doesn’t have to. He said in a recent CPP meeting he likes to see participation from everybody…we want to see the CNRP have a voice [in parliament] to scrutinise the government.
“We want action from the opposition, to be partners in prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.”
Representatives of both parties declined to comment on who might claim the remaining eight seats on the NEC, although some names have been put forward, including Kuoy Bunroeun, a former CNRP lawmaker for Kampong Cham province.
Koul Panha, executive director of election monitor Comfrel, said he would consider a position on the NEC if he was selected, but he would have to see the amended laws and regulations.
“Because the people have become interested in the political process, now it is very different than before.”

Contact authors: Daniel Pye and Meas Sokchea

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From Mour Ley, Khmer American Alliance for Democracy

The "Gang of Two" and the betrayal of the will of the people

Dear compatriots:
Everyone is still familiar with the "Gang of Four" of China (Jiang Qing, Wang Hongwen, Yao Wenyuan, Zhang Chunqiao) who were leaders during "Cultural Revolution" from 1966 to 1976 in China and finally were accused of committing treasonous act against the will of the people of China. They were trial and imprisoned. The Gang of Four of China actually did not offer any favoritism nor political deal to foreign enemy against the will of the people. But regardless, their political manoeuvres were absolutely intolerable by the people's will. Similarly, Mr. Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha who are now seen as the " Gang of Two" of Cambodia and the betrayal of the people's WILL are currently labeled by students and Cambodians inside and abroad as classical "traitors" to their country (Cambodia) as their current " political deal", venture, or shameful agreement with Mr. Hun Sen, the head of illegitimate and puppet government of Vietnamese is historically unacceptable, intolerable, and must be condemned by the will of the people. Cambodian people cannot tolerate this type of "treasonous leadership" that has been manipulatively lied to people for over a year through mass demonstrations against Mr. Hun Sen and his puppet government costing at least six deaths, many wounded, and many many more jailed. Now both of them join the same "puppet government" with the same enemy of the will of the people since July 28, 2013. By joining Mr. Hun Sen's partnership, Mr. Rainsy and Sokha likely have a chance to indirectly help spawning more Vietnamese in Cambodia and a promising trust guaranteeing that CPP will definitely win the next election as million of younger Vietnamese (now 16 years of age and up) will have the rights to vote by then in the next two years. 

Please be informed Mr. Hun Sen and Mr. Rainsy, infact, have secretly started "political deal" to one another through Mr. Kiet Meng since July 13, 2013 via a secret e-mail of Mr. Son Chhay to Mr. Rainsy in six days before the latter returned from exile on July 19, 2013. The words "political deal" using on that e-mail is now clearly evidently proven enough that Mr. Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy's "political deal" has turned to be "historic deal" of betraying the people's WILL. Please see the attached email of Mr. Son Chhay, under (Son Chhay Letter) for evidence. This e-mail was once sent out to inform the public by Khmer American Alliance for Democracy on March, 5, 2014.  

In this regard, the WILL of the people will stand up to protect Cambodia's sovereignty and the freedom of the people at all costs. Through the creation of "United Free Cambodia", the people's WILL will democratically bring Mr. Hun Sen down and his puppet government has to be replaced. Conspirators (traitors) to this puppet Prime Minister and illegitimate government must pay their alleged treasonous prices before the WILL of the people.

Khmer American Alliance for Democracy (KAAD) highly respects CNRP as a popular hopeful political party and always regards its general members as nationalistic compatriots. But we are regretful to see its two top leaders have finally apparently made wrong move toward a pro-Hun Sen's Vietnamezation and being labeled as "traitors" by all group of students and Cambodian people generally.  Some believe this is the beginning of the end of CNRP political life and party integrity with respect to mass citizenry tactically destroyed by the "Gang of Two." KAAD appeals for solidarity and cooperation from all Cambodian people at this time working collaboratively shoulders to shoulders to support "United Free Cambodia" of the people's WILL to bring Mr. Hun Sen down at this last opportunity for a New Cambodia with full Sovereignty, Freedom, and Democracy for our nation and for all Cambodian people. Remember, this is the only last chance to save Cambodia. Please stand up for the historic Revolution, Challenge and Change.  


Khmer American Alliance for Democracy

សូមស្តាប់ ៖ តើសមរង្ស៊ីជានរណា?

Phnom Penh Post on July 28, 2014

សុំនិយាយផងដោយលោក លី​ឌៀប

CNRP's Resolution on July 27, 2014

Sam Raingsi speech on July 27, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Opposition may not take seats
Sat, 26 July 2014
Reforming election body still a sticking point between the government and the CNRP
Opposition politicians may postpone taking their seats in parliament if an agreement over the composition of a reformed election body cannot be reached in the coming days.
The decision over who will fill the ninth spot on the National Election Committee – reserved for a “consensus” member who will hold the balance of power – could prove problematic as civil society members who may be suited to the job are seen by the ruling Cambodian People’s Party as aligned with the opposition.
Opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party spokeswoman Mu Sochua said yesterday that if all nine members were not agreed on after the working group discussions, opposition politicians would postpone taking the oath of office.
“If they don’t accept our technical demand, which is that the nine members of the NEC must be selected . . . we are not going to take the oath,” she said.
CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said that three cross-party working groups had been created to implement the fine print of an agreement reached between CNRP president Sam Rainsy and Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday.
“It will take about two weeks to complete the amendment of the constitution, the amendment of the election law. Also we have to prepare the candidates for the NEC. We have to complete the legal framework,” he said.
Party leader Rainsy has been approved to become a member of parliament for Kampong Cham province, NEC secretary general Tep Nitha confirmed yesterday.
Cheam Yeap, a senior CPP politician, said the permanent committee of the National Assembly would convene on Monday to discuss Rainsy taking up a seat in the National Assembly.
At Phnom Penh Municipal court yesterday, CNRP deputy president Kem Sokha was questioned over a protest organised by party members that turned violent earlier this month.
Sokha said: “The judge asked me what I knew about the violence on July 15. I said I did not know anything about it because I was not there.”

Contact authors: Buth Reaksmey Kongkea and Daniel Pye

Avis de décès

Avec toutes nos sincères sympathies

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វិទ្យុបដិវត្តន៍ ផ្កា ឈូក ថ្ងែទី ២៦ កក្កដា ២០១៤

សូមស្តាប់សេចក្តីអធិប្បាយរបស់ លោក​ អ៊ូ ចល។ 
សូមស្តាប់ វិទ្យុបដិវត្តន៍ ផ្កា ឈូក ថ្ងែទី ២៦/​ កក្កដា/ ២០១៤។ 

Can Cambodian Deal End Year-Long Standoff?
Even with an agreement in place, a lack of detail may send the opposition back into the streets.
By Luke Hunt July 25, 2014

The Cambodian government and opposition have struck a deal to end a year of post-election political fighting that has left at least seven people dead and many more injured, in jail, and before the courts.
But analysts are warning the agreement – reached shortly before seven senior figures from the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) were released on bail – was vague, lacked substance, and could offer no more than a lull in the protests that have dominated the political landscape.
“Generally it is a temporary relief with lots [of] vague language and little on details and substance,” said Ou Virak, Chairman of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. “All the points indicate further wrangling in the future on many areas.”
The CNRP insists it was cheated out of last year’s general election and has maintained demonstrations, despite a crackdown on dissent by Prime Minister Hun Sen around Freedom Park in the heart of the capital.
Government forces, in particular the Duan Penh District Security Guards, have a well-earned reputation for brutality, but CNRP protests went awry last week when supporters within its ranks allegedly attacked security guards, resulting in the arrests of opposition leaders.
They were bailed out as a deal was struck. Importantly the agreement also signals an end to the CNRP’s year-long boycott of the National Assembly.
“The two parties agree on a political resolution by working together in the National Assembly institution in order to reach solutions for various national issues in accordance with democracy and the state of law,” the CNRP and ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) said in a joint statement.
Hun Sen had already agreed to an array of positions; on government committees to be filled by the opposition, parliamentary reforms and to investigate allegations of violence by both sides, but crucial to this deal was reform of the National Election Committee (NEC).
Under the deal, the NEC – which CNRP leader Sam Rainsy accuses of excessive bias towards the CPP – will have nine members, four to be chosen by the CPP and four from the CNRP. A ninth member is to be elected by members of the National Assembly.
“The reform of the NEC is welcomed,” Virak said. “But far from being an independent body, [there is] little in detail of the secretariat, transparency, the ID cards and voters registration. I strongly welcome the need to reform the Parliament, but again no formula is yet set.”
He said details about a television license for the CNRP, the next election date, release of a further eight political activists, and investigations into allegations of election rigging and the brutal crackdown were lacking.
“The devil is in the detail, and without the detail, the devil will come back to haunt.”
In January protests turned dramatically violent after unions, demanding a substantial increase in the minimum wage, joined forces with the CNRP. Dave Welsh, head of the U.S.-based labor group the Solidarity Center, said it was a hopeful sign that the CNRP would head parliamentary committees focusing on human rights and labor issues.
But he added it was a concern that there was no real mention of issues directly relating to labor, and he urged the opposition to keep its word on pushing the government for higher pay and finding justice for those who lost their lives in the demonstrations.
“If those issues, namely around a living wage, and some accountability/redress for the violence which took place against workers over the past eight months aren’t addressed, regardless of the political climate going forward, good or bad, workers – specifically garment workers – are likely to repeat protests which occurred last January,” he said.
His sentiments were echoed by Virak.
“While I think this agreement favors the CPP, particularly coming at the time when the CNRP’s arms are seen to be twisted to agree to this, for the CNRP, there is nothing stopping them from walking out of Parliament in the future and going back to the street, now with parliamentary immunity,” he added.
The CNRP had resisted calls by some independent analysts, including independent observers like UN human rights envoy Surya Subedi and prominent Cambodian academic David Chandler, to end their boycott.
Subedi welcomed the political breakthrough, saying it was an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive reform of lasting character in line with international standards, “so that the situation which has been prevailing since the July 2013 elections does not repeat itself.”
NGOs sympathetic to the opposition have also been adamant in defending their accounts of events and in justifying the actions of CNRP supporters when confronted by security guards. However, one has apologized.
“Our NGOs are very sorry about this,” Ath Sam Ath, a technical adviser from the rights group Licadho, told The Phnom Penh Post. “Because of the culture of violence, previously security officials beat demonstrators, and now the demonstrators beat the security in revenge.”

Luke Hunt can be followed on Twitter @lukeanthonyhunt


Radio Khmer Lotus on July 26, 2014

After  negotiations on July 22, 2014  between CNRP and CPP to bring an end to current political deadlock , Khmer Nation have qualified Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha as New Traitors. Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution July 26, 2014 via Internet
Radio Khmer  Lotus Revolution
On July 26, 2014, via Internet.

Dear all,
After  negotiations on July 22, 2014  between the Tail- enrolled Dog Party or CNRP and CPP to bring an end to current political deadlock , Khmer Nation over the world have qualified Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha as New Traitors. In short, more than 35 years after Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia, and more than 22 years after Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991, Hanoi has achieved all its main ambitions, due to bilateral treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983, 1985 and the additive treaty of 2005, due to the coup of July 5-6, 1997,  due to replacement of 2/3 vote system  by the 50%+1,  and due to rigged elections of 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013, and particularly, by the existence of Khmer traitor politicians.  Current political situations are comparable to embroiled excrements in the basket. In Lon Nol's era, there were some thousands of Vietnamese in Cambodia. Since the end of 1978, their numbers have   increased sharply to dozens of thousands. After 5 straight mandates of Hun Sen's power, the figures top several millions. Sam Rainsy, the new traitor, has recently declared his  agree to give khmer citizenship to 250 thousands Vietnamese illegal settlers. How many millions of Viets will receive citizenship from the two traitors Hun Sen and Sam Rainsy, in the future? In the Demo of July 15, 2014 for the reopening of Freedom Park, repressions by security forces and reprisals by angry protesters have ended in about 40 injured.  Police have arrested seven Lawmakers- elect of CNRP, for investigation and imprisonment in Prey Sar.  It Was a trap mounted by thief Khmer PM Hun Sen, inspired by  Chinese swashbuckling Sam Kok  film to force collaboration between thief CPP and thief rescuer CNRP? Deceived and scorned Khmer People should not get fooled by this infantile and stupid subterfuge! Sam Rainsy has returned in Phnom Penh and announced General Reconciliation for Peace! I have no choice, Sam Rainsy has said! Actually, he  has a real choice: patriotism or treason? Treason is to satisfy his ambitions and his party interests; the patriotism is to fight for independence, liberty and democracy! On July 21, 2014, despite refusing authorization by Phnom Penh municipality, angry Khmer people, by thousands, have come in protest in front of Vietnamese embassy, to require public apology from Hanoi for offended Khmer people. And then they march to give over petitions to main embassies in Phnom Penh such as USA, France, UK, China, Russia…In deed, on June 06, 2014, Tran Van Thong, spokesperson of Vietnamese Embassy in Phnom Penh, has declared Kampuchea Krom (or Cochin china) didn't belong to Cambodia, and France didn't cede it to Vietnam on June 04, 1949. This territory has been belonging to Vietnam for long time.
On July 08, 2014, Hun Sen's Thief Government has ordered  Security forces to crush and disperse protesters to satisfy the will of colonialist Hanoi.. Tran Van Thong of Viet Embassy in Phnom Penh and Le Hai Binh of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Vietnam condemned these demonstrators as a handful of Khmer Extremist harming good bilateral relationship between the two countries. Federation of Khmer Intellectuals and Students, KKKA … have called on a new Tsunami Demo through Cambodia and all over the world, to require public apology from Hanoi to offended Khmer people. Khmer Lotus Revolution presents its sincere respect to Khmer Nation for all past and future tsunami demos for Independence of Cambodia, liberty and democracy of Khmer People.  Frontier posts in Svay Rieng Province ( districts of  Rumduol,  Romeas Hek … ) were mobiles, having legs to move and span rivers, canals,  rice fields, roads and forests,  travelling from Vietnam to be built in lands, villages,  paddy  fields, lakes, rivers  and forests of Cambodia. But on the contrary, frontier posts in Cambodia have no mobile legs to travel  into Vietnamese lands. Have Vietnamese been friends of Khmer people for hundreds of thousands of years or are they Khmer People's ancestral enemies? Since more than 63 years, Hanoi was so determined to build Indochina under its domination setting Cambodia and Laos under Vietnamese political and military domination. Alas, at the beginning of this 21st century, Vietnam still continues to trample Khmer and international laws to deceive Cambodia and its people. CPP's Hun Sen, Chea Sim et Heng Sam Rin were betraying their fatherland by permitting new line of borders inside Cambodia's land and authorizing illegal Vietnamese migrants to settle in Cambodia following imperialist  will of  Ho Chi Minh over  Indochina.
Cambodians have to  Open their eyes over Problems such as khmer Leaders' Treason,  Country's Independence, its Territorial Integrity, Land Concessions, Environmental Pollution, Vietnamizatiion of Khmer Administration, Vietnamese Settlers that are  Sources of Innumerable Problems such as  the Lack and the Loss of Employment, Anarchy and Social Insecurity, Economic Development Producing Social Inequalities, Corruption, Public Health, Youth Jobless, Rigged Elections due to Presence of Vietnamese Holders of Electoral Cards, Racial and Cultural Row etc… More than 12000 Vietnamese families representing 50 000 Vietnamese living on Tonle Sap lake. Recently the most of Vietnamese on Tonle Sap have been already relocated on the firm land by Hun Sen CPP. Indeed, Cambodia still have no Right for Regime and Leader's Change since more than 35 years under Hun Sen Puppet of Hanoi , and more than 22 years under 2nd Monarchy. This Kingdom will die under Vietnamese Annexation and Hun Sen's Dictatorship. Hun Sen Dares not throw Millions of Illegal Viet Settlers out of Cambodia following the example of Gen. Prayuth Chan O-Cha against Illegal Khmer Migrants! To achieve this Goal, Cambodians have first to Topple Hun Sen.  CNRP (Thief Rescue Party) is ready to attend thief Parliament this  July by Treason against Electors and  Acceptation of the Rigged Electoral Results (68 Seats for CPP and 55 seats for CNRP). For CNRP, what Matters is NEC's Useless Restructuration, Power Parity, Ownership of a TV Channel, but not Respect of Khmer Will or Change of Khmer Leaders. CNRP Accepts Rigged Elections of July 28, 2013 and will Collaborate with CPP. It's the Broken Dream of Khmer People that wouldn't see the light at the end of tunnel!
In the Meantime, Traitor Var Kim Hong has Announced    Khmer Viet Frontier Joint Committee will secretly build  frontier Posts in Svay Rieng Province. Without Presence of Journalists or Lawmakers: Because Joint Committee is not Political Parties seeking to Gain Popularity. Indeed, the Committee has obeyed to Vietnamese and Khmer Leader Puppets of Hanoi. It Works to legitimate the new Khmer Viet Borders Line. Secretly Working Means Treason of Khmer National Interests. Cambodia has the right to Recuperate Kampuchea krom. Indeed, since February 1917 to November 1991, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has been formed by 15 states dominated by Russia. Since 1991, most of the 15 states have recuperated their independence and sovereignty.  Alike them, the dozen of states in former Republic of Yugoslavia have received independence and Sovereignty.
Three Factors were necessary for those States to Obtain Independence. 1/ the Will to Overthrow Foreign Colonialist. 2/ Popular Struggle by all Means for National Independence. 3/ Diplomatic Struggle and international Help. Khmer Nation will Achieve their Goal if they will have arrived to Overthrow Traitors  Hun Sen, Heng Sam Rin, Chea Sim, Keat Chhon, Sok An, Hor Nam Hong, Var Kim Hong, Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha, etc…
CNRP is betraying Khmer People Will, by Attending National Assembly on July 2014. What Matters for CNRP is   NEC's Uncertain Restructuring, a TV channel offered by Hun Sen, Positions as National Assembly's deputy-president and Commission's presidents or deputy-presidents … not Cambodia's independence or respect for voters' will. The four Band of traitors Sam Rainsy, Kem Sokha, Sar Kheng  and Hun Sen are Playing AYAY, YIKER or  LOKHON BASSAC in their Roles hoping  Khmer People  Watch them and Believe in them. In real, by Delusion and Hypnosis, they have been Misleading Khmer People and Serving their Master Ho Chi Minh, Using the Puppet King as Tool and Springboard to achieve their Personal Ambitions and Betray their Country and People. Indeed, Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen, in this 2nd Monarchy, wouldn’t and couldn’t liberate Cambodia and its People for Independence and Democracy. CNRP has already Become the Party of Treason along with  Hun Sen CPP. The Crazy King’s Regime and the two Parties have no Vision of Country’s Liberation.
 Indeed : 1/   Since already more than 35 years, CPP's Hun Sen has consolidated Vietnamese  colonization in Cambodia.
2/   Since already more than 22 years, CNRP's Sam Rainsy has protected the 2nd Monarchy Puppet of Hanoi.
In Cambodia, Hun Sen and CPP have disappeared several times. But, thanks to Personal ambitions of Khmer politicians, royalist and sycophants, they have had been brought back to life. Exactly, like trees and animals in African Sahara, which, on the point of death, have revived in the unexpected and refreshing rains. In brief, due to selfish collaboration suspected of Treason against khmer will, Hun Sen rises to the surface, this time,  to come and respire and  mutter he  legally governs Cambodia. Indeed, in spite of boycott by 11 Senators of Sam Rainsy's Party, Hun Sen CPP's Senat has adopted, without problems, the draft law voted recently by Thief National Assembly. Do Opposition Parliamentarians (Senators and Deputies ) will have the courage to all together Resign  to Prompt Unconstitutionality of the current thief regime, and Create political impasse so that isolated Hun Sen CPP will be forced  to choose itself popular consultations and anticipated elections  to save Cambodia? Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991 in effect since 23 years  stipulated that Cambodia has to be independent and  democratic. When will Khmer People overthrow Dictator Hun Sen for Independence and Democracy?
Khmer Nation have to Rebel by all Means, by Tsunami Demonstrations and Strikes… Like Different People in the World!   Humanity have always Conquered their Rights by Fierce Fights. Khmer Nation Should Take Examples from Those People. Indeed: the End justifies all means. Khmer Nation must no more let CPP Hun Sen Lead Cambodia, even for 3 or 6 months or a year!
Seeing that Key Khmer Problems Remain without Response:
1/ Vietnamese Colonization of Cambodia   2/  Hun Sen CPP's Dictatorship   3/  Democracy
It’s Time for Khmer Nation to Take their Destiny in their Hands, Rise Up, Sacrifice, Chase Vietnamese Colonization from Cambodia and Overthrow Dictator Hun Sen: for Independence, Liberty and Democracy! They have to Struggle until Victory with all Means by  Tsunami Demonstrations and Strikes…: That is their Rights! They won’t achieve these Goals by Keeping 2nd Monarchy and Thief Hun Sen CPP’s Regime in Place: Because They Help Vietnam Colonize Cambodia, since 23 Years (for 2nd Monarchy) and 35 years (for CPP)!  
Indeed, Sam Rainsy and Hun Sen, in this 2nd Monarchy, wouldn’t and couldn’t liberate Cambodia and its People for Independence and Democracy. CNRP has already Become the Party of Treason along with Hun Sen CPP. The Human Rights in Cambodia are Getting Worse and Worse.   All these Facts were Happening Due to Cambodia which remains a State of non-Law, Unconstitutional and a Thief State where Courts are ruled by CPP. Khmer Lotus Revolution and Transitional National Council (TNC) have reaffirmed all Negotiations Must Target Three national Objectives:  Getting Vietnamese settlers out of Cambodia for its Independence, Toppling the Dictator Hun Sen and Installing Democracy! Under the nose of international community, Vietnam has been Annexing Cambodia since more than 35 Years: by the Overflow of Vietnamese Settlers in this Neighboring Country and by Annexation of Khmer Island Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc )…, Maritime Waters and Frontier Lands… by Contravening Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991.
To Heal these three Khmer Cancers (Vietnamese Colonization, Hun Sen CPP Dictatorship and the Lack of the Democracy),  Khmer People Must Wage Revolution in the frame of Transitional National Council (TNC) so that Hun Sen Staggers and Drops.  When Khmer People have to Stand Up? Exactly, When CNRP and CPP will have attended the National Assembly! Or, When the People will be ready for Revolution! Or When there will Be the Coup to Overthrow Hun Sen ! Will Khmer People Have to Use Arms? Yes, There will Be non-violent Tsunami by Original Conception, but by Experience and Precaution, they can Use Arms for Self Defense such as knifes, axes, Sticks, hoes,  banners, Threads, Pens, Pencils, Rice, Foods, Fishes, Meats, Prahok and Medicine  to Resist long time till Victory !  
Negotiations between CNRP and CPP are Illegitimate. The Supreme Will of Khmer People is the Step-down of Hun Sen and the End of Vietnamese Colonization in Cambodia! CNRP will be caught in the Trap put by Vietnamese, Chinese and Khmer Rouge Communists. By Tricks of CPP, alas, new Legislative Elections will be Held by Hun Sen CPP by the End of 2018, allowing Thief Hun Sen Continue his new 5th Mandate as if nothing had happened. Khmer People do have not to Trust CPP Puppet of Hanoi who did never Respect their Promises since already 35 years. CNRP has been Committing Treason against Khmer People Will !
Khmer People Do has no Confidence in CNRP! They have to Exert Pressure on CNRP to Stop Negotiation with CPP! 44 years later, the Message of Marshal Lon Nol and Sirik Matak Remains True and Pathetic so that Khmer people should Stand up again and Put Hanoi out of Cambodia. 
​​         Khmer Nation Must not Cooperate with Traitor CPP-Hun Sen in order to precipitate their fall! They Should Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution. Seeing that Cambodia Currently has Thief National Assembly, Thief Government and Thief Prime Minister, the Transitional National Council (TNC) Is Legitimate and Necessary to Manage Revolution. If Khmer Nation (in the Country and Overseas) Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution, They Will Win!
​​         In Virtue of Paris Peace Agreement of October 23, 1991, only  by Lotus Revolution that Khmer Could :
1/  Liberate Cambodia from Vietnamese Colonization
2/  Overthrow Dictatorial Hun Sen Regime
3/  To Install Independent Institutions for Democracy !
There will be New Elections after Lotus Revolution’s Victory, after Adopting new Regime, Installing Independent Institutions for Free Elections: Under the Rule of Transitional National Council (TNC)!​​ Khmer People will get what they have asked after Khmer Lotus Revolution’s Victory in the Frame of Transitional National Council, in the period of two or  three years.  Cambodia and its People will Win: their Demands (Independence, Liberty and Democracy…)​​ are Legitimate…Only Tsunami Demonstration, Non-Cooperation, Strikes and Generalized and Permanent Civil Disobedience could Save  Cambodia! Cambodian People and Youth! Wake Up! And Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution! Under the rule of Transitional National Council (TNC), not under  the will of any Political Party. By Exerting National and International Pressures,
By Blocking the Functioning of Thief National Assembly and Thief Government ….
All Together, We Will Win!
 Listen to  Radio Khmer Lotus Revolutionon July 26, 2014, via Internet.
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