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Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution March 08, 2014 via Internet

Mr. Gareth Evans, Former Australia FM (1988-1996), has Violently Criticized Hun Sen and his Corrupt Entourage, over Human Rights Abuses Violating  Paris Peace Agreement of October 23,1991. Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution March 08, 2014 via Internet

Radio Khmer  Lotus Revolution
On March 08, 2014,  via Internet.

Dear all,
Mr. Gareth Evans, Former Australian FM (1988-1996), has Violently Criticized Hun Sen and his Corrupt Entourage,  over Human Rights Abuses Violating   Paris Peace Agreement of October 23,1991! For Most Cambodians, Mr. Gareth Evans has been considered as the Father of this Paris Agreement. International Organizations should Investigate and Sanction those Committing Corruption and  Human Right Abuses, Mr. Gareth Evans Declared.  Each of Twenty people of the Hun Sen’s entourage amass over a Billion US$ !
Vietnam has been Annexing Cambodia since more than 35 Years: by the Overflow of Vietnamese Settlers in this Neighboring Country and by Annexation of Khmer Islands of Koh Tral (or Phu Quoc )…, Maritime Waters and Frontier Lands… Contravening Paris Agreement of October 23, 1991. Currently Hun Sen Imposes his Dictatorship in this 2nd Monarchy. Could 103rd International Women’s Day of March 08,2014 be Organized amid Tanks Deployed in Phnom Pen ? Cambodian Theft Rescue Party (aka CNRP) will Negotiate for the 3rd time on March 10,2014, with the Thief Hun Sen’s CPP to Restructure NEC.! The Supreme Will of Khmer People is the Step-down of Hun Sen and the End of Vietnamization in Cambodia! Khmer Nation have to Exert Pressure on CNRP to Stop Negotiation with CPP!  
CNRP Ignores Popular Will and Attend National Assembly:
Negotiations between CNRP and CPP have Resolved already 80% of Problems !
CNRP has been Committing Treason against Khmer People Will !
Khmer Nation have to Exert Pressure on CNRP to Stop Negotiation with CPP! To Heal these three Khmer Cancers ( Vietnamese Colonization,  Hun Sen CPP dictatorship and the Lack of the Democracy), Should Khmer People Must Wage Revolution or Do Reform ? Transitional National Council (TNC) was Born on January 1, 2014 in Paris with the Logistic Support of Khmer Lotus Revolution , TEP NIMETH and other associations and Khmer Patriots…! Khmer Lotus Revolution sees 2 very Dangerous Forces face to face: Khmer People in one side, China and Vietnam with CPP Hun Sen in the other.
Khmer Lotus Revolution Puts itself at Transitional National Council’s  Disposal. In order to :
1/ Liberate Cambodia from Vietnamese Colonization.
2/ Overthrow Dictatorial Hun Sen Regime
3/ To Install Independent Institutions for Democracy !
The Situation Is very Favorable for the Takeover of all Powers by Khmer Nation! Khmer Nation have to Rebel by all Means, Like Different People in the World !  Khmer People have no more  Confidence in the CNRP! Humanity have  always Conquered its Rights by Fierce Fights, not by Contenting, with the Kind Demand for Volunteer Departure of the Thief Government Hun Sen!
For example: Tunisian Revolution has thrown   Ben Ali, the Corrupt President. Egyptian Revolution has thrown   Moubarak, Dictator and Corrupt President. Libyan Revolution has thrown  Dictator Gadhafi. In South Africa, Black People have Rebelled Against White People to Abolish Segregationist Laws and to Authorize the Election of Anti-Apartheid Icon Nelson Mandela as the First Black President! In East Timor, her   Populations have Sacrificed their blood in their Revendication of Independence from Indonesia  that purely and simply annexated this country after the departure of former colonialist Portugal. There are other examples such as Estonia, Leetonia, Lithuania…etc.
Khmer Nation Should Take Examples from Those People. Khmer Nation Have to Rebel by all Means to Overthrow Hun Sen’s Dictatorship, to Put Vietnamese Settlers out of Cambodia: for their Independence, Liberty and Democracy ! In deed : the End justifies all Means. Khmer Nation must not let CPP Hun Sen Lead Cambodia. They Have to Do not Rely on always False Promises since 34 years made by Thief and Traitor CPP!
Seeing that Key Khmer Problems Remain without Response :
1/  Vietnamese Colonization of Cambodia
2/ Hun Sen-PPC Dictatorship
3/ Democracy
It’s Time for Khmer Nation to Take their Destiny in their Hands, Rise Up, Sacrifice, Chase Vietnamese Colonization from Cambodia and Overthrow Dictator Hun Sen: for Independence, Liberty and Democracy! TheyHave to Struggle until Victory with all Means: That is their Right! Khmer Nation Won’t Achieve these Goals by Keeping 2nd Monarchy and Thief Hun Sen CPP’s Regime in Place: Because They Help Vietnam Colonize Cambodia, since 22 Years (for 2nd Monarchy) and 35 years (for CPP)!  
​​ Khmer Nation Must not Cooperate with Traitor CPP-Hun Sen so To Precipitate their Fall! They Should Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution. Seeing that Cambodia Currently has Thief National Assembly,Thief Government and Thief Prime Minister, the  Transitional National Council (TNC) Is Legitimate and Necessary to Manage Revolution. If Khmer Nation (in the Country and Overseas) Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution, They Will Win!
​​ In Virtue of Paris Peace Agreement of October 23,1991,
Only  by Lotus Revolution that Khmer Could :
1/ Liberate Cambodia from Vietnamese Colonization
2/ Overthrow Dictatorial Hun Sen Regime
3/ To Install Independent Institutions for Democracy !
There will be  New True Elections after Lotus Revolution’s Victory, after Installing Independent Institutions for Free Elections: Under the Rule of Transitional National Council (TNC)!​​ Let’s Organize Mass Tsunami Demonstrations. Cambodia and her People will Win : their Demands (Independence, Liberty and Democracy…)​​ are Legitimate…Only Non-Cooperation and Generalized and Permanent Civil Disobedience could Save  Cambodia! Cambodian People and Youth! Wake Up!And Wage Khmer Lotus Revolution! Under the rule of Transitional National Council (TNC). By Exerting National and International Pressures,
By Blocking the Functioning  of Thief National Assembly and Thief Government ….
All Together, We Will Win!
To Inform about Transitional National Council (TNC) and  Superior Council of Cambodia and Khmer People Liberation.
Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolutionon March 08,2013,via Internet.
Best regards

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