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Free Opinion : Letter from Chan Chhan Keo To Dr. Chal Ou

Object : Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution invites you to Think about Vietnamisation, Dictatorship, Democracy.!July 28,2013 will be The Election-treason to Elect Fraudulently Legislators, Ministers!Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution on June 15,2013,via Internet

Here is the letter :

Dear Dr. Chal OU,

Everything you've mentioned and advised Khmer people to do is 100% right because every one knew it and experienced it for just decades and decades -- This is called: "Charith Khmer" told by Lok Bun Chan Mol or Khmer attitude, behavior, character and or conduct.  During the Khmer Rouge regime or the Killing Field, the Khmer Rouge or Red Khmer accused and murdered their own people and saved their bile for Chinese medicinal purposes.  But some of the Khmer Rouge cadres and leaders are still trying by all means to proclaim themselves innocent -- saying that they did not murder or starve their countrymen to death through poor and insufficient nutritional daily food rations and hardships.  But to my very best knowledge and belief as an eyewitness victim and all plausible proof of evidences either character, circumstantial, competent, cumulative, demonstrative, direct, extrinsic, eyewitness, opinion, real or rebuttal evidence etc., the evasive answers, explanations and arguments of those Khmer Rouge cadres, leaders and/or sympathizers are just a smoke screen to mislead the whole world community and those Khmer people who never experienced such tragedy caused by those Khmer Rouge cadres, leaders and soldiers who use their own jungle law to destroy all religious, educational, social, economic and political structures of the country and savagely and brutally murder their own people, just on the first day of their cannibal reign over Cambodia  -- the sicked, mutilated and injured patients from hospitals, babies, children, elders, men, and women... died and killed along the way of their forced evacuation and cruel expulsion from their homes in the cities on the grounds of their cheap and dirty lies that Americans were going to bomb the cities -- I am an eyewitness victim of that tragedy and no one can mislead me into believing in the innocence of those murderous criminals. 

As I wrote back to Ame Khmer whose leader or Team Leader was not revealed or disclosed to my friendly request regarding its Jasmine Revolution advising them not to do anything that will jeopardize the lives of our Khmer people and plunge our beloved Cambodia again into another nightmare and tragedy because our present Cambodia is still under the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and its 18 other country signatories to fully and correctly implement the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia in order to rebuild Cambodia to regain its neutral and peaceful status, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence by not recognizing and validating all Cambodia-Vietnam treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983 and 1985 illegally made during the Vietnamese military occupation forces in Cambodia, and if Ame Khmer decided to incite Khmer people to rise up against Hun Sen government while Thailand regular military forces are still fighting against our Khmer military forces to illegally occupy Preah Vihear Temple, instead of assisting and helping Khmer people and country from Thai's invasion, it put our Khmer people and our present Cambodia in a catastrophic situation benefiting both our invaders, Vietnam and Thailand.   But instead of listening to my friendly request and advice they accused me of sympathizing with Hun Sen and Hanoi by name-calling me  Hun Sen - Hanoi and Vietcong, but in God and in our Lord Buddha I trust, I was never angry or used any insulting words at all against Ame Khmer because I knew that they love so much their own people and their beloved native Cambodia and because everyone is entitled to have either pros or cons ideas for or against other person, individual or people who have different ideas or opinions from them.  The leading key moral principle and moral philosophy I adopt, respect, obey and follow to the letter as my living moral, ethical, social and political guidelines and principles are our Lord Buddha's wisely words: right thought, right speech, right effort, right concentration, right meditation and right action, which correspond partially or totally to the circumstances in French: circonstances - de lieu, de temps, de but, de cause, de moyen, de maniere...So in order to take any action for the benefit of our people and country, we need to deeply think about the consequences of our action and wisely weight between advantages and disadvantages.  Therefore, for any action whether or not  to boycott the 28 July 2013 National General Election, all Khmer people especially all Khmer intellectuals, semi-intellectuals, scholars, researchers, historians, doctors, professors, engineers, architects etc. must thoroughly think and wisely weight between two options:1) boycotting and 2)  fully and actively participating in the electoral process and voting.  To my comprehensive understanding, conviction and belief fundamentally based on the current political situation in Cambodia, the option number 2 is my top priority.  Why?  Because boycotting the National General Election will be opening ways and political opportunity and free rein for the ruling CPP to rule and govern Cambodia alone without rival and courageous involvement and competition from the major opposition political party, the CNRP of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha for which the international community members and most Khmer people support.  So please give them (Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha) a try for: Failure is the worst thing in the world.  But the very worst is not to try.  So why not give them a try?  If we don't give them a try, how do we do know who is or who are the real Khmer nationalists and patriots who really try hard to serve Cambodia and Khmer people?  And besides the Khmer opposition leaders, we also know through the National General Election outcome and /or result how many Khmer people truly expressed their will and desire to make a radical change for the better governance of the country.  This is a real test to know exactly the truth, the real truth and the whole truth about the true will and aspiration of the following electoral components both national and international in the real rebuilding of our wrecked war torn country as follows:

1) Khmer people from all works of life in particular the grassroots;

2) The major opposition leaders especially Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha, their followers and supporters; and finally

3) The international community members and institutions especially the United Nations Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, UN General Assembly President, UN Security Council President, all UN Member States and/or Member Nations, all International NGOs, all UN Permanent Observers and all Five Permanent Members of the UN: USA, UK, France, and Russian Federation.

We must ask the United Nations and all countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia to help supervise, control and count the ballots with us (the major opposition party -- CNRP  to make sure that there's no irregularity in the voting such as ghost voting, illegal Vietnamese immigrants voting, or other vote fraud that might affect the final outcome of the vote.  But in the negative, if those international community members reject our legitimate request for assistance and help in the supervision, control and ballots counting, we Khmer people in general just know exactly who is and who are on our khmer people sides or on the sides of our foreign invaders,dictators, tyrants, despots and human rights violators.  This is an easy test to seek for the right and trustworthy Khmer leaders, the honesty, integrity and the truly love and respect of the Khmer people toward their beloved country, Cambodia,  and also to better know and understand with no doubt who is and who are the very real enemies of our Khmer people victims of their neighboring countries' invasion in particular Vietnam (inflow of thousands and thousands of Vietnamese illegal immigrants polluting our country's major waterways such our Great Lake Tonle Sap, Mekong River and Oceans -- Kompong Som, Kep and Koh Kong -- and lands grabbing) and Thailand (invasion of Preah Vihear Temple, a World Heritage Patrimony).

The political culture of the major opposition party -- boycotting the National Assembly meetings and other meetings  -- needs to be abandoned and stopped once and for all because these political tactics are only for the dictatorial regime not for us the democratic one.  If we truly want to serve our Khmer people and serve and save our Cambodia from the invasion and aggression of other neighboring nations and countries we must stand up taller and bold, in unity and solidarity to fight tooth and nail and to lead democratically our good fight against all enemies of our people and nation.

Dr. Chal OU, I know that you are a real Khmer nationalist and patriot, but if you act and mobilize people to act with you without thoroughly weight the consequences either good or bad that will inevitably affect the existence and the lives of our people while our present Cambodia is still under the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and all 18 other countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords, to my humble advice and conviction, I think that it's not the right time to advocate and lead people to do it because you and other people who follow you will put our Cambodia and our innocent Khmer people into a great danger and catastrophe costing more lives of innocent people and drag our country into the hells of our foreign invaders, both Vietnam and Thailand,  The suffering of our Khmer people is more than enough so enough is enough.  Please, please abandon your unwise plan and give the CNRP of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha a good try no matter what they were and are and no matter whom they have connection with and serve, just opening them ways and good opportunity to better contest the 28 July 2013 national elections to be able to achieve Sam Rainsy’s formula 50+1 as he’d expected to win.  If we don’t give them a try, we never know who they really and truly were and are.  Therefore, this upcoming national elections are truly an overriding comprehensive test for all concerned parties involved: 1) the opposition leaders, their followers, supporters and sympathizers 2) the truly wills and aspirations of our Khmer people especially our Khmer grassroots, and 3) in particular the international community members and institutions for us to see and know exactly with no doubt who are truly our Khmer people helpers, supporters and sympathizers and or saviors and who are not.

In conclusion, the current social, economic and political situation in Cambodia which is still under the “Unfinished Business” of the United Nations and all other18 countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements and or Paris Peace Accords won’t need any violent revolution either Jasmine or Lotus revolution because Cambodia and its innocent Khmer people are still under the commitment, responsibility and accountability of the world leaders to rebuild it from our wrecked torn civil war waged ignorantly by our stupid Khmer leaders to kill their own innocent people.  Cambodia’s current situation is a product of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia and UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) and it has been sprung from both directions: its murder from within – a suicide and its murder from outside – foreign invasions.  So in order to logically solve its current alarming issues and chronic problems we should have recourse to its primary source, the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements whose co-presidents were France and Indonesia as our ancestors logically and smartly said: Chol tam chrork na  chenh tam chrork ning vinh ( entering through which passageway  it needs to get out through the same passageway).  Is it logical enough?  Yes, I think so.  And our Lord Buddha said: right thought, right speech, right effort, right meditation, right concentration and right action.  So I thought that your plan and advice to instigate and incite Khmer people to revolt against the HUN SEN government are not conformed to our Lord Buddha’s teachings above cited because they will create more suffering, more losses of innocent lives -- students, intellectuals, Buddhist monks etc. -- and enormous destruction to our innocent Khmer people and our country and the international community members and institutions who made great efforts, used  greatest amounts of energies and spent more monies in billions of US dollars to help rebuild our country won’t be happy and won’t want to see again such same tragedy happen at all to Cambodia and its  innocent Khmer people.

Grosso-modo, would you please give Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, leaders of the CNRP a good try allowing them more chances and strong support to contest the 28 July 2013 national elections in order to win the CNRP ticket with their absolute (simple) majority formula 50+1 instead of telling them and Khmer people to boycott the elections opening good opportunity and giving free rein for the CPP to rule and govern Cambodia for five more years in which the real destiny of our country and Khmer people will be uncertain.

Failure is the worst thing in the world.  The very worst is not to try. (Anonymous)

To lose patience is to lose the battle (Mahatma Gandhi)

The time is always right to do what is right. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! (Les Brown)

The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist expects it to change.  The leader adjusts the sails. (John C. Maxwell)

Knowledge alone is not power; the real power is know how to think well. (John C. Maxwell)

Thank you very much and be blessed.

Chan Chhan Keo


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