Friday, January 27, 2017

Free opinion : Message from Chan Chhan Keo to Om Visal

Note from Om Visal :
Dear Lok Chan Chhan Keo,

Thank for your word. May all Khmer hear your word and they have to know that our entire Nation, the Khmer Nation is in a danger under the viet colonization. No election under vietnamese colonization is legal, free and fair. We, Khmer all around the world, we still believe that only one way can save our Nation : Boycott election, chase our invader from our country and step down dictator from the power by non-violence demonstration and restore Democracy, Justice and Freedom for all of us Khmer before organizing election instead of participating in the election with yuon. We continue our struggle for our view and action to free Cambodia.

We are one and our cause is one : Free our Nation from yuon invader ! 

May God and Buddha bless us and all Khmer !

Best to you

Om Visal


And here is the message from Sir Chan Chhan Keo :

Dear Lok Visal Om,

Thank you so very much for your highest national interest and your unselfish preoccupation, dedication and great efforts for our Khmer nation and people.  If all Khmer people from all walks of life stood up together like a whole bunch of solid  and strong hard chopsticks bravely, courageously and lawfully facing our common enemies both from within and from outside, the bright light of glorious destiny, greatness, beautiful hope, strength and prosperity would  shine upon us all as blood descendants of our Great Empire's Ancestors with globule "E" in our arteries and veins that our enemies from all sides and directions cannot win over our solid, strong and powerful unity and solidarity because we are one and our cause is one to bravely and courageously lead our legitimate and good fight to lawfully win over our common enemies from all sides of the compass especially our two ancestral enemies who nurture their greediest ambitions to swallow our country by all unlawful means, measures and actions. 

But whatever they did and continue doing to our nation and people, they're not going to win at all because of our strong unity and solidarity around our common and legitimate cause as Frederick Douglas said: "We are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other if we are to succeed."

Now, Lok Visal Om, you and Lok Dr. Chal OU are the first ones who showed these above great ideas that Khmer people around the world should appreciate and pay great respect and gratitude to both of you for the unselfish efforts you've done for our Khmer nation and people.

Again, thank you so very much and May God and our Lord Buddha bless you all and Khmer people.

Best Regards.

Chan Chhan Keo

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