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Remember, Free Opinion : Discussion between Chan Chhan Keo and Om Visal on the Chan Chhan Keo's letter to Dr Chal Ou

From Chan Chhan Keo To Om Visal

Bien Cher M. Visal Om,

J'ai lu votre lettre de reponse avec autant d'appreciation et je suis tout a fait d'accord avec vous concernant le point 3 des issues possibles a entreprendre par le CNRP de Sam Rainsy et de Kem Sokha pour assurer la survie de la nation Khmere sans compter les autres issues que vous aviez soulevees. Pourquoi? Parce que la victoire obtenue par le CNRP durant les elections nationales du 28 Juillet 2013 etait celle du peuple Khmer, non celle du CNRP. C'est pour cette raison, le CNRP n'aurait pas le droit de faire quelque chose avec le CPP ou avec quelqu'un de tres haute personnalite du parti CPP sans demander au prealable l'avis ou les avis des peuple Cambodgiens et des jeunesses Khmeres.

Il serait tres souhaitable que la communaute internationale devrait repondre sans delai aux demandes pressantes des peuple Cambodgiens et des jeunesses Khmeres de venir enqueter sur toutes les irregularites des elections et d'imposer a M. Hun Sen et ses clans de respecter les souhaits et demandes des peuples et jeunesses Khmeres d'accepter sans conteste les resultats justes des elections gagnes de facto et de jure par le CNRP. Dans le cas ou la communaute internationale, a vrai dire, l'Organization des Nations Unis (l'O.N.U.) ferait la sourde oreilles aux appels urgents et demandes legitimes des peuples et jeunesses Khmeres, des manifestations globales non-violent seraient organisees tout le Cambodge contre les dirigeants malhonetes et dictateurs comme j'avais deja souleve dans ma lettre au Professeur Naranhkiri Tith ci-jointe parce que comme vous aviez dit: la liberte ne sera pas gratuite.

Grosso modo, seulement et seulement, le point 3, parmi les autre possible solutions, serait en fait et en droit, le meilleur et equitable.

Bien a Vous et Bouddha vous benisse!
Chan Chhan Keo


Dear Dr. Tith:

Thank you very much for the overriding pasted document. The document had disclosed and revealed all crimes committed by the police and military officials under Hun Sen's leadership, but instead of prosecuting and punishing the culprits, Hun Sen had promoted and rewarded them. But not just Hun Sen alone did this, the international community did the same thing by not taking any concrete measures and actions against the human rights violators - they let them stay and go unpunished and even rewarded. The reason why I would suggest our Khmer people to, first, abide by the 'Rule of Law and Order' by appealing to the international community especially the ASEAN countries and the United Nations for assistance and help for any crucial issues and problems encountered by our Khmer people. Then if our Khmer people's urgent appeal could not be answered on time, it would be necessary for our Khmer people to take the law in their own hands to solve the problem by themselves in order to live as dignified members of the human family on this planet earth, not relying any more on those world leaders whose 'man-made laws' are meaningless, as our Lord Buddha said: Atta his attano neatho (Khluon ti poeng khluon).

The typical and concrete examples have been shown in black and white through the 'Killing Field', the UNTAC administration, the coup d'Etat mounted by Hun Sen with the help of Hanoi's generals, etc. The human rights violation and the extrajudicial killings are going on and on against our innocent Khmer people, and the world leaders, especially the UN SG seem not to pay attention to all those bad things happened to our innocent Khmer people.

Therefore, in order to live, we all 'dare to die' because if we dare to die, we never ever die. The Khmer Krom peoples had this courageous living perception and concept since Oknha Son Kuy's time. And that concept had been carried on and bravely used by Sergeant Mai Phath or Mai Khath while fiercely fighting against the Vietnamese invaders in Kampuchea Krom during French colonial rule and after the Japanese surrender to French authorities. Our Khmer people in Cambodia should nurture the same concept while pursuing their legitimate rights to live peacefully on their own land without being afraid of all evils, tyrants, despots, dictators, human rights violators and killers. They must follow to the letter what Hun Sen, then 2nd Prime Minister, told Dr. Nathan Tyr, a specialist in SE Asia politics that "He (Hun Sen) acknowledged that if the people (Khmer people) were to demand reform and be willing to die for it, the International Community, the press, and the NGO's would hurriedly fall in line to support them (Khmer people) to the fullest, and the CPP would be finished. Candidly, he divulged that this has a real chance of happening, he alluded to Sam Rainsy's effort, and he very frankly admitted that he did not want to be the one leading the CPP at that time and face the wrath of the people and embarrassment and loss of face that would surely follow. He did not say it clearly, but I (Dr. Nathan Tyr) think he fears for his life if such a scenario were to take place, and all the money and power in the world is no worth his life at this time."(Cf. International Awareness, A journal of politics and economics, April 1998)

Now all Khmer people need to challenge all 'man-made' international laws enacted and/or made by the world leaders if those laws won't serve the interests, wants and needs of our Khmer people, the victims. If those laws won't serve the victims as per their request and appeal, those laws are meaningless. And in order to make those laws meaningful, we need to have recourse to the Court as Benjamin B. Ferencz, a former Nuremberg prosecutor said, "There can be no peace without justice, no justice without law and no meaningful law without a Court to decide what is just and lawful under any given circumstance."

So grosso modo (summarily), please, please do not forget to bring these 'voting irregularities' to the Court to decide what is just and lawful under these critical circumstances.

Again, thank you so much, Dr. Tith for your valuable pasted document of overriding importance for our Khmer people during this time of distress.

Best regards and be blessed.

Chan Chhan Keo

From Visal Om to Chan Chhan Keo
August 3, 2013 
In english

Dear Sir Chan Chhan Keo,

The die is cast but the verdict delayed for various reasons and all of us, we knew from the beginning because the election of 28 July 2013 is an instrument of Hun Sen to legitimize its power by falsification, fraud and cheating through the NEC. However, Hun Sen has already said last Friday that, with or without the opposition party, he would lead the destiny of the country. I admit that without those cheating the democratic force with the support of young people and people who wish to change the direction of the country surely win. And now, as some say let the chance to Sam Raingsi and his party, the CNRP to compete with Hun Sen and the CPP although we already knew that this election would never be free and fair by the dominant presence of Foreign Forces, the Viets.

What are the possible outcomes for Raingsi and the CNRP?

1) - boycott the swearing in of members of the new Parliament? In this case, they (CNRP) will be charged with treason against the King and they will be excluded from the National Assembly.

2) - Accept the compromise with the dictator? In this case, they betray young people and their supporters. Do they (the youth and the supporters) let them (CNRP) to do this? In my opinion, I would say NO because their goal (of the youth and supporters) was clear, reclaim the country from Vietnamese domination and oust dictator Hun Sen.

3) - Taking the path of the crusade by mass demonstrations, constantly non-violent despite the repression of Hun Sen and the armed forces (fire, police and military) and I understand that in this case,'' Liberty will never be free.''

I can not read between the lines what is the Raingsi-Sokha and the CNRP's decision but as I've already announced in our last discussion, the only way to regain our Independence and our Sovereignty from the hands of Vietnamese and dictators CPP, is the mass demonstrations. I unequivocally bear any non-violent demonstration for the conquest of freedom for our entire Nation and for me, it's a unique way.

Raingsi told about foreign support in Western countries, but Hun Sen always laugh at them and most of these countries do not get their hands to knead the internal affairs of the poor little country of Cambodia. Note that China has recognized the victory of Hun Sen and the countries of the West dare they do the same for one or the other of the two camps without displeasing in Vietnam?

The question I am still wondering if Raingsi win the Election, like he said, at final proclamation by NEC, is that Hun Sen would return the power to him? and the armed forces? So we go back to beginning case, non-violent protest by the people and youth who want to chase out for ever, these vietnamese and dictators Hun Sen-CPP for Freedom.

Only in my opinion, the huge demonstrations by youth and by the people for the youth and for the people ... would be put in place for the country's survival.

Best Regards
Om Visal
In French

Cher Monsieur Chan Chhan Keo,
Les dés sont jetés mais le verdict retardé pour différentes raisons que nous tous, nous savions dès le début car cette élection du 28 juillet 2013 n’est qu’un instrument de Hun Sen pour légitimer ses pouvoirs par toutes les falsifications, malversations et des tricheries par le biais du NEC. Quoi qu’il en soit, Hun Sen a déjà déclaré vendredi dernier que, avec ou sans le parti d’opposition, il dirigerait la destinée du pays. J’admets que sans ces tricheries la force démocratique avec l’appui des jeunes et de la population désirant le changement de la direction du pays gagnerait sûrement. Et voilà, comme certains disaient laisser la chance à Sam Raingsi et à son parti, le CNRP de se rivaliser avec Hun Sen et le CPP malgré que nous savions déjà que cette élection ne serait jamais libre et équitable par la présence dominante des Forces Étrangères, les Viets.

Quelles sont les issues possibles pour Raingsi et le CNRP ?

1)- Boycotter l’assermentation des membres députés de la nouvelle législature ? Dans ce cas, ils (CNRP) seront accusés de trahison contre le roi et ils seront exclus de l’Assemblée Nationale.

2)- Accepter le compromis avec le dictateur ? Dans ce cas, ils trahiront les jeunes et leurs supporters.  Est-ce que ces derniers les laisseront faire ? A mon avis, je dirai NON car leur objectif (de ces jeunes et supporter) était clair, reconquérir le pays de la mainmise vietnamienne et chasser le dictateur Hun Sen.

3)- Reprendre le chemin de la croisade par des manifestations monstres, sans cesse et non violentes malgré les répressions de Hun Sen et des forces armées (pompiers, police et militaire) et je comprends que dans ce cas, ‘’ la Liberté ne sera jamais gratuite ‘’.

Je ne peux pas lire entre les lignes de la décision de Raingsi-Sokha et le CNRP mais comme je vous ai déjà annoncé dans notre dernière discussion, la seule et unique voie de recouvrer notre Indépendance et notre Souveraineté des mains des vietnamiens et des dictateurs de CPP, les manifestations monstres. Je supporterai sans équivoque toute manifestation non-violente pour cette conquête de liberté pour notre Nation toute entière et pour moi, c’est une voie unique.

Raingsi a parlé des supports des pays étrangers de l’Ouest, mais Hun Sen se moque toujours d’eux et en plus ces pays ne mettront jamais la main pour malaxer les affaires internes du pauvre petit pays qu’est le Cambodge. A noter que la Chine a déjà reconnu la victoire de Hun Sen et les pays de l’Occident oseront ils faire de même pour l’un ou l’autre des deux camps sans pour autant déplaire au Vietnam ?

La question que je me pose encore si Raingsi gagnerait à la proclamation finale par NEC, est ce que Hun Sen céderait il le pouvoir ? et les forces armées ? Alors nous revenons à la case de départ, la manifestation non-violente par le peuple et les jeunes qui veulent se débarrasser une fois pour toute de la mainmise vietnamienne et des dictateurs Hun Sen-CPP.

Seule à mon avis, les manifestations monstres par les jeunes et par le peuple pour les jeunes et pour le peuple … seront à mettre en place pour la survie du pays.

Bien à Vous 
Om Visal  

From Chan Chhan Keo to Om Visal
June 26 2013 :

Dear Lok Visal Om,

First of all, I do thank you so very much for all of your focal points raised in your beautiful and interesting arguments, and I am also very interested and very impressive in your most important concluding focal point: civil disobedience, which is the one way to save our Nation and to finish the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and all 18 other countries signatories of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords that I had raised to support my arguments in my letter to Dr. Chal OU.  And other secondary focal points you've raised to get solutions from them (SR&KS) and me in the case of giving Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha a good try to run again for the National Assembly seats at the 28 July 2013 upcoming national elections with their expected winning formula 50+1 absolute (simple) majority in the National Assembly are as follows:
1. July 28, 2013 will be the Election-treason to Elect Fraudulently Legislators, Ministers!;
2. So, what they (Sam Raingsi and Kem Sokha) and you must do to stop the Vietnamese afloat? what they and you must do to stop the quiet and democratic Vietnamization of our Nation? Do they and you have any solutions? 
3. Let them try again , in my opinion is "destroy our country, our nation and violate the honor of our entire people"..........Voting with the Vietnamese , in my opinion, is the betrayal of our people and our nation.
Among those above focal points, I would like to bring to the floor for serious discussion and/or freely deliberation the most crucial one first that is Civil Disobedience for it is by definition a) an open and nonviolent refusal to obey certain laws, and acceptance of punishment, for the purpose of influencing public opinion, legislation, or governmental policy b) a deliberate but nonviolent act of lawbreaking to call attention to a particular law or set of laws believed by the actor to be of questionable legitimacy or morality and c) the refusal to obey a law for the purpose of demonstrating its unfairness or social undesirability; generally does not apply to violent efforts to oppose laws.

Fundamentally based on the above definition of Civil Disobedience and in order to make it happen, all Khmer people in general should bravely and courageously stand up together in unity and solidarity like a whole bunch of solid, hard and strong powerful chopsticks in every precincts across the country to peacefully protest against the elections barricading voters from going to the polls.  But this people power is very dangerous to handle under any dictatorial and despotic regime with no guarantee at all from any foreign power.  And I thought that few people will show up to the peaceful protests for fear of insecurity.  In this case the civil disobedience is very hard to achieve unless we use violent efforts that cost more human lives with the strong backings from any foreign powerful nations such as USA and other powerful nations within the UN Security Council and other ASEAN nations excluding Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.  But such violent efforts are in gross violation of and in deviation from the legitimate sense and meaning of the Civil Disobedience generating more losses of innocent lives for nothing if there are no strong backings both in spirits and in armaments from the international community members and institutions.  And the foreign backings, especially in armaments are also very hard to get from any powerful nations for the only grounds of interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign State, Cambodia.  To me personally, I never have any trust at all in any foreign backings, especially in military involvement or in any supplies in armaments because of a burden of evidences happening already to our innocent Khmer people both in South Vietnam (Kampuchea Krom) during the Vietnam War and in Cambodia during the Khmer Republic of Marshall Lon Nol.

Therefore, summarily, Civil Disobedience that you said it's one way to save our Nation and to end the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and all other 18 countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements and/or Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia might be served as also as a backlash tool by the police for

Whereas the focal point number 1 saying that July 28, 2013 will be the Election-treaon to Elect Fraudulently Legislators, Ministers!, I don't think that it's not a treason at all because the elections are open to every political party to compete for the National Assembly seats under the watchful eyes of the international community, especially the United Nations and other nations the opposition party leaders had requested their cooperation and assistance.

For the focal point number 2 above cited, I had already sent a very clear message to the United Nations and the whole world community through my Guidebook inviting them to see with their own eyes those infected areas in Cambodia and urging them to take immediate actions to protect and save our ecology and environment from tons and tons of water pollution to our Khmer major waterways in particular the Great Lake Tonle Sap and the Mekong River caused by
illegal Vietnamese immigrants stationed on the surfaces of those Lake and River.  The best solution is to urge the international community, especially the UN for immediate help and assistance, and also to give one more chance to the CRNP to fulfill their dreams for we don't know for sure whom they really serve, just give them one more chance as I said by putting them into our comprehensive test to seek for the truth, the real truth and the whole truth of whom they really were and are and whom they really serve.
For the last focal point of your argument saying that letting Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha try again is to destroy our country, our nation and violate the honor of our entire people.... and voting with the Vietnamese is the betrayal of our people and our nation.  For this argument I don't know for sure how to respond because as a private individual and a Khmer person,  I truly don't understand and don't know anything about their inner world and conscious or unconscious minds that I can unlock their secrets.  But to many Khmer people and several international community members and institutions, both of them -- Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha are the ones who deserve the support to run for the national elections of 28 July 2013, and are the ones who will be expected to respect the rule of law and to lead the country in the right direction if they will win the national upcoming elections with their formula "50+1" absolute (simple) majority amended by the Constitution.

Let's see together how do they do for our Khmer people and Cambodia if they will receive more seats in the National Assembly or how do they serve their constituents and our country if they successfully won their absolute (simple) majority 50+1?  Only the Khmer people will be the judges and will be responsible and accountable for their own actions, no one else for "Aide-toi le ciel t'aiders (God help those who help themselves).

Thank you again for your beautiful and interesting ideas and arguments to discuss together our common legitimate cause to help our Khmer people and our country, Cambodia to stay healthy and free from Vietnamese colonization and/or neo-colonization and vietnamization of our people and land.

La discussion jaillit la lumiere!

Have a great day and be blessed!
Chan Chhan Keo

From Om Visal to Chan Chhan Keo,
Dear Lok Chan Chhan Keo
I received your letter to Dr. Chal Ou, founder member of Khmer Lotus Revolution and I posted it as free opinion in our blog ( Please allow me to thank you sincerely for your contribution to meet the KLR's call about "

Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution invites you to Think about Vietnamisation, Dictatorship, Democracy.!July 28,2013 will be The Election-treason to Elect Fraudulently Legislators, Ministers!Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution on June 15,2013,via Internet"

I read with interest and I have no hesitation to post your analysis as an idea for our common struggle and merit a place in our blog debate. But let me summarize in one word my answer : "we can not let our nation and our people to be engulfed by CNRP of Sam Raingsi and Kem Sokha in complicity of betrayal by participating in the upcoming elections."

Let me summarize you as a member of the KLR our principles foundations :

1) - Boycott the general election, oust the Vietnamese of our country and remove Hun Sen and the CPP including royalo-communist by non-violent demonstrations.
2) - Make Cambodia a Country of law and the Honor to our people,
3) - and let our people chose his leader by performing general election .
  • From these principles we will continue to inform the Khmer people about the danger to the nation by participating in the next election and continue to indicate that participation in the election at next July 2013 with the Vietnamese would be an act of betrayal to our Nation and our People, Khmer. The Khmer people must be free from all colonization in a sovereign and independent country before giving their vote at the polls. Is the Khmer people free from the Vietnamese occupation? Is Cambodia is sovereign and independent? You know as well as me.
In 1993 after the election organized by UNTAC, Cambodia was ruled by two party and Sam Raingsi was part of one of those. Never one of the leaders at that time became aware of the Paris Agreements for Peace in Cambodia while this Agreement was and remains forever the survival of our people and our nation ... Unfortunately, by personal ambition instead of National ambition by ignoring the Paris Agreement, we know the result. The country, the Khmer Nation and the Khmer People are left to themselves in the hands of dictators and the opposition party (SRP and HRP) did not have enough voice to defend them ! and they continue to plunge in new election under the Vietnamese rule regardless of the consequences to Khmer. Leave Kem Sokha and Sam Raingsi try like your suggestion ?... it's democratically leaving our country in the hands of the Vietnamese invaders.

Hun Sen made up the coup at 5-6 July 1997 and since then, the power is unequivocally in his hands. Vietnamese since that time returning freely in our country and they had qualified themselves as masters of our country. Why do not they (SR & KS) have their eyes opened instead of always wanting to get wet to participate in the next election? Power or Nation? Rescue vietnamese people or Khmer people ?

Since 1998, Sam Raingsi participated 3 times in general elections, in 1998, 2003 and 2008, each time, what did he gain? Fraud or accepting the verdict at each election ? And in the last election in 2008, the PSR & HRP had no any alternative except to accept the verdict even they knew it was fraud by NEC and Hun Sen. Unacceptable acceptance for our Nation! You can also refer to the recent local elections ... shabby as a result! And they continue to lie to our people for the glory ... !

Let them try ... do you (Chan Chhan Keo) think they have chance to regain the power? It must be inflated to think that way because we have to think to these Vietnamese who hold the cards in order to vote and a good majority of the Khmer people will vote under pressure for CPP. Analyze the results of all elections, it is no doubt that CNRP will lose again, BUT not Just Only CNRP ... the whole Khmer and the whole Khmer Nation will lose. Do you still let them try ?

You talked about leaving Sam Raingsi and Kem Sokha to try again. But even with the try you mentioned, Vietnamese will surely democratically "master among us" and Cambodia will surely forever under their control! So, what they (Sam Raingsi and Kem Sokha) and you must do to stop the Vietnamese afloat? what they and you must do to stop the quiet and democratic Vietnamization of our Nation? Do they and you have any solutions? Let them try again, in my opinion is "destroy our country, our nation and violate the honor of our entire people". They (Sam Raingsi and Kem Sokha) have all right to go to compare to the polls with vietnamese and Hun Sen, but they have no right to engulf our Nation and our People under vietnamese colonization. Voting with the Vietnamese, in my opinion, is the betrayal of our people and our nation.

They will face to the History.
One way to save our Nation, civil disobedience ... and the unfinished business will be done !

Best Regards
Om Visal
June 24, 2013


Here is the letter from Chan Chhan Keo To Dr. Ou Chal

Free Opinion : Letter from Chan Chhan Keo To Dr. Chal Ou

Object : Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution invites you to Think about Vietnamisation, Dictatorship, Democracy.!July 28,2013 will be The Election-treason to Elect Fraudulently Legislators, Ministers!Listen to Radio Khmer Lotus Revolution on June 15,2013,via Internet

Here is the letter :

Dear Dr. Chal OU,

Everything you've mentioned and advised Khmer people to do is 100% right because every one knew it and experienced it for just decades and decades -- This is called: "Charith Khmer" told by Lok Bun Chan Mol or Khmer attitude, behavior, character and or conduct.  During the Khmer Rouge regime or the Killing Field, the Khmer Rouge or Red Khmer accused and murdered their own people and saved their bile for Chinese medicinal purposes.  But some of the Khmer Rouge cadres and leaders are still trying by all means to proclaim themselves innocent -- saying that they did not murder or starve their countrymen to death through poor and insufficient nutritional daily food rations and hardships.  But to my very best knowledge and belief as an eyewitness victim and all plausible proof of evidences either character, circumstantial, competent, cumulative, demonstrative, direct, extrinsic, eyewitness, opinion, real or rebuttal evidence etc., the evasive answers, explanations and arguments of those Khmer Rouge cadres, leaders and/or sympathizers are just a smoke screen to mislead the whole world community and those Khmer people who never experienced such tragedy caused by those Khmer Rouge cadres, leaders and soldiers who use their own jungle law to destroy all religious, educational, social, economic and political structures of the country and savagely and brutally murder their own people, just on the first day of their cannibal reign over Cambodia  -- the sicked, mutilated and injured patients from hospitals, babies, children, elders, men, and women... died and killed along the way of their forced evacuation and cruel expulsion from their homes in the cities on the grounds of their cheap and dirty lies that Americans were going to bomb the cities -- I am an eyewitness victim of that tragedy and no one can mislead me into believing in the innocence of those murderous criminals. 

As I wrote back to Ame Khmer whose leader or Team Leader was not revealed or disclosed to my friendly request regarding its Jasmine Revolution advising them not to do anything that will jeopardize the lives of our Khmer people and plunge our beloved Cambodia again into another nightmare and tragedy because our present Cambodia is still under the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and its 18 other country signatories to fully and correctly implement the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia in order to rebuild Cambodia to regain its neutral and peaceful status, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence by not recognizing and validating all Cambodia-Vietnam treaties of 1979, 1982, 1983 and 1985 illegally made during the Vietnamese military occupation forces in Cambodia, and if Ame Khmer decided to incite Khmer people to rise up against Hun Sen government while Thailand regular military forces are still fighting against our Khmer military forces to illegally occupy Preah Vihear Temple, instead of assisting and helping Khmer people and country from Thai's invasion, it put our Khmer people and our present Cambodia in a catastrophic situation benefiting both our invaders, Vietnam and Thailand.   But instead of listening to my friendly request and advice they accused me of sympathizing with Hun Sen and Hanoi by name-calling me  Hun Sen - Hanoi and Vietcong, but in God and in our Lord Buddha I trust, I was never angry or used any insulting words at all against Ame Khmer because I knew that they love so much their own people and their beloved native Cambodia and because everyone is entitled to have either pros or cons ideas for or against other person, individual or people who have different ideas or opinions from them.  The leading key moral principle and moral philosophy I adopt, respect, obey and follow to the letter as my living moral, ethical, social and political guidelines and principles are our Lord Buddha's wisely words: right thought, right speech, right effort, right concentration, right meditation and right action, which correspond partially or totally to the circumstances in French: circonstances - de lieu, de temps, de but, de cause, de moyen, de maniere...So in order to take any action for the benefit of our people and country, we need to deeply think about the consequences of our action and wisely weight between advantages and disadvantages.  Therefore, for any action whether or not  to boycott the 28 July 2013 National General Election, all Khmer people especially all Khmer intellectuals, semi-intellectuals, scholars, researchers, historians, doctors, professors, engineers, architects etc. must thoroughly think and wisely weight between two options:1) boycotting and 2)  fully and actively participating in the electoral process and voting.  To my comprehensive understanding, conviction and belief fundamentally based on the current political situation in Cambodia, the option number 2 is my top priority.  Why?  Because boycotting the National General Election will be opening ways and political opportunity and free rein for the ruling CPP to rule and govern Cambodia alone without rival and courageous involvement and competition from the major opposition political party, the CNRP of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha for which the international community members and most Khmer people support.  So please give them (Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha) a try for: Failure is the worst thing in the world.  But the very worst is not to try.  So why not give them a try?  If we don't give them a try, how do we do know who is or who are the real Khmer nationalists and patriots who really try hard to serve Cambodia and Khmer people?  And besides the Khmer opposition leaders, we also know through the National General Election outcome and /or result how many Khmer people truly expressed their will and desire to make a radical change for the better governance of the country.  This is a real test to know exactly the truth, the real truth and the whole truth about the true will and aspiration of the following electoral components both national and international in the real rebuilding of our wrecked war torn country as follows:

1) Khmer people from all works of life in particular the grassroots;

2) The major opposition leaders especially Mr. Sam Rainsy and Mr. Kem Sokha, their followers and supporters; and finally

3) The international community members and institutions especially the United Nations Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, UN General Assembly President, UN Security Council President, all UN Member States and/or Member Nations, all International NGOs, all UN Permanent Observers and all Five Permanent Members of the UN: USA, UK, France, and Russian Federation.

We must ask the United Nations and all countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia to help supervise, control and count the ballots with us (the major opposition party -- CNRP  to make sure that there's no irregularity in the voting such as ghost voting, illegal Vietnamese immigrants voting, or other vote fraud that might affect the final outcome of the vote.  But in the negative, if those international community members reject our legitimate request for assistance and help in the supervision, control and ballots counting, we Khmer people in general just know exactly who is and who are on our khmer people sides or on the sides of our foreign invaders,dictators, tyrants, despots and human rights violators.  This is an easy test to seek for the right and trustworthy Khmer leaders, the honesty, integrity and the truly love and respect of the Khmer people toward their beloved country, Cambodia,  and also to better know and understand with no doubt who is and who are the very real enemies of our Khmer people victims of their neighboring countries' invasion in particular Vietnam (inflow of thousands and thousands of Vietnamese illegal immigrants polluting our country's major waterways such our Great Lake Tonle Sap, Mekong River and Oceans -- Kompong Som, Kep and Koh Kong -- and lands grabbing) and Thailand (invasion of Preah Vihear Temple, a World Heritage Patrimony).

The political culture of the major opposition party -- boycotting the National Assembly meetings and other meetings  -- needs to be abandoned and stopped once and for all because these political tactics are only for the dictatorial regime not for us the democratic one.  If we truly want to serve our Khmer people and serve and save our Cambodia from the invasion and aggression of other neighboring nations and countries we must stand up taller and bold, in unity and solidarity to fight tooth and nail and to lead democratically our good fight against all enemies of our people and nation.

Dr. Chal OU, I know that you are a real Khmer nationalist and patriot, but if you act and mobilize people to act with you without thoroughly weight the consequences either good or bad that will inevitably affect the existence and the lives of our people while our present Cambodia is still under the "Unfinished Business" of the United Nations and all 18 other countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements or Paris Peace Accords, to my humble advice and conviction, I think that it's not the right time to advocate and lead people to do it because you and other people who follow you will put our Cambodia and our innocent Khmer people into a great danger and catastrophe costing more lives of innocent people and drag our country into the hells of our foreign invaders, both Vietnam and Thailand,  The suffering of our Khmer people is more than enough so enough is enough.  Please, please abandon your unwise plan and give the CNRP of Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha a good try no matter what they were and are and no matter whom they have connection with and serve, just opening them ways and good opportunity to better contest the 28 July 2013 national elections to be able to achieve Sam Rainsy’s formula 50+1 as he’d expected to win.  If we don’t give them a try, we never know who they really and truly were and are.  Therefore, this upcoming national elections are truly an overriding comprehensive test for all concerned parties involved: 1) the opposition leaders, their followers, supporters and sympathizers 2) the truly wills and aspirations of our Khmer people especially our Khmer grassroots, and 3) in particular the international community members and institutions for us to see and know exactly with no doubt who are truly our Khmer people helpers, supporters and sympathizers and or saviors and who are not.

In conclusion, the current social, economic and political situation in Cambodia which is still under the “Unfinished Business” of the United Nations and all other18 countries signatories of the 23 October 1991 Paris Peace Agreements and or Paris Peace Accords won’t need any violent revolution either Jasmine or Lotus revolution because Cambodia and its innocent Khmer people are still under the commitment, responsibility and accountability of the world leaders to rebuild it from our wrecked torn civil war waged ignorantly by our stupid Khmer leaders to kill their own innocent people.  Cambodia’s current situation is a product of the 1991 Paris Peace Accords on Cambodia and UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) and it has been sprung from both directions: its murder from within – a suicide and its murder from outside – foreign invasions.  So in order to logically solve its current alarming issues and chronic problems we should have recourse to its primary source, the 1991 Paris Peace Agreements whose co-presidents were France and Indonesia as our ancestors logically and smartly said: Chol tam chrork na  chenh tam chrork ning vinh ( entering through which passageway  it needs to get out through the same passageway).  Is it logical enough?  Yes, I think so.  And our Lord Buddha said: right thought, right speech, right effort, right meditation, right concentration and right action.  So I thought that your plan and advice to instigate and incite Khmer people to revolt against the HUN SEN government are not conformed to our Lord Buddha’s teachings above cited because they will create more suffering, more losses of innocent lives -- students, intellectuals, Buddhist monks etc. -- and enormous destruction to our innocent Khmer people and our country and the international community members and institutions who made great efforts, used  greatest amounts of energies and spent more monies in billions of US dollars to help rebuild our country won’t be happy and won’t want to see again such same tragedy happen at all to Cambodia and its  innocent Khmer people.

Grosso-modo, would you please give Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha, leaders of the CNRP a good try allowing them more chances and strong support to contest the 28 July 2013 national elections in order to win the CNRP ticket with their absolute (simple) majority formula 50+1 instead of telling them and Khmer people to boycott the elections opening good opportunity and giving free rein for the CPP to rule and govern Cambodia for five more years in which the real destiny of our country and Khmer people will be uncertain.

Failure is the worst thing in the world.  The very worst is not to try. (Anonymous)

To lose patience is to lose the battle (Mahatma Gandhi)

The time is always right to do what is right. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! (Les Brown)

The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist expects it to change.  The leader adjusts the sails. (John C. Maxwell)

Knowledge alone is not power; the real power is know how to think well. (John C. Maxwell)

Thank you very much and be blessed.

Chan Chhan Keo

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Chan Chhan Keo,

Re: "La discussion jaillit la lumiere?"

The correct say of the proverb would be:

"De la discussion jaillit la lumière" as shown in, among so many sources, the link below:

If you decide to lead please lead intelligently...On ne pourrait pas le faire ni à la legère ni à la six-quatre-deux...