Friday, December 19, 2014

ហេយ យួននៅពេញស្រុកខ្មែរហើយមិននាំគ្នានិយាយ!
សន្ធិសញ្ញាក្រុងប៉ារីស២៣តុលា១៩៩១ ម៉េចមិននាំគ្នានិយាយ?
ពួកអាក្បថជាតិ សង្គ្រោះចោរ!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Cambodge: des milliers de manifestants pour la journée des droits de l'Homme
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Des milliers de Cambodgiens ont manifesté mercredi, à l'occasion de la journée internationale des droits de l'Homme, pour réclamer la libération de militants du droit de la terre emprisonnés.
Parmi quelque 3.000 manifestants, des moines bouddhistes et des militants du droit de la terre venus des quatre coins du pays se sont réunis devant le parlement à Phnom Penh.
"Arrêtez de recourir à la force et à la violence" contre les manifestants réclamant l'arrêt des expulsions, demande une pétition lancée par les manifestants, dont plusieurs tenaient des portraits des militantes condamnées mi-novembre à des peines d'un an de prison ferme.
Leur tort: avoir manifesté leur opposition à un projet foncier mené par un sénateur proche du pouvoir dans le quartier de Boeung Kak, où des milliers de familles ont été expulsées.
Le Premier ministre Hun Sen, au pouvoir depuis près de trente ans, réprime par la force toute opposition, des ouvriers du textile aux opposants politiques.
Des centaines d'ouvriers du secteur textile, qui ont mené d'importantes grèves et manifestations au début de l'année pour réclamer de meilleurs salaires, se sont joints à la manifestation.
Début janvier, au moins quatre civils avaient été tués lorsque la police avait ouvert le feu sur des ouvriers en grève.
Leurs syndicats ont obtenu du gouvernement une hausse du salaire mensuel minimal dans ce secteur clef de l'économie cambodgienne, porté à 128 dollars (102 euros), en deça néanmoins des attentes de nombre d'entre eux.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank You Scott Neeson!

In the post below Scott Neeson made a comment :
“Hi Bunthoeut and thank you for highlighting my Facebook post on the grandmothers.

The most liked Facebook post is another post and also about Cambodia's grandparents. This post seems to have struck a chord, in Cambodia and other countries. The "likes" are 149,000 and 6,276 "shares. Maybe a record number.

There is clearly a sense of empathy and concern about the elderly here.

I reply to Scott : I have no word to say but Thousand of Thanks for helping Khmer Children and GrandMa in need. I wish you a good luck and Cambodian people needs the people like you to help them. Cambodian children are the future of Cambodia. It was their rights to have school, to have roof to live, to eat enough and medicare . That is the fundammental rights to be a people of the world.
I invite Khmer people and all Khmer association to join Scott Neeson for his project to give to Khmer Children and Khmer GrandMa in need their life, their better life.
Again Thank.

Well, the October 12th post about the grandparents is the most liked, talked about and shared posting ever. 27,000 likes and growing fast.
When you see this reaction and read the comments, you can see that Cambodia has the heart and soul to make a better society.
And from the comments from other countries, there is no doubt that the isolation and devaluing of the elderly is a global concern.
For those overseas, you will soon be able to sponsor a grandmother, covering the monthly expenses that include rice, a stipend (about $8 a week), medical costs, weekly blessing ceremonies, travel expenses, and other incidentals. We also promise to help cover their funeral costs. For these elderly women, it is important to know that your departure from this world will be dignified, your journey assisted by the monks and the cost not imposed on those who remain behind.
As a side note, one of my personal projects this year was to provide each grandmother with a large framed portrait for their funerals, and smaller framed versions for their children, grandchildren and the many generations that follow.
The cost of a Grannie sponsorship will be around $60 a month. All funds will be used for the grandmothers and the junior leaders who help care for them.
Many people remarked that the situation here was sad and pitiful. Very insightful. If you are OK being a spectator to these unnecessary situations, then that's fine and you will undoubtedly move onto a happier post. ("America's Got Talent" has lots a happy images and not too many words).
However if your pity extends to empathy and a desire to help, then take the first step. The only obstacles are those you create.
If you are Khmer, then you don't need money to make a difference: the couple in the October 12th posting would appreciate the simple knowledge that someone cares about them. If you spent an hour with them, then you would leave wiser and they would feel more valued. If there is heavy lifting to be done, then take on that burden. If you can afford a kilo of rice or some clean drinking water, then you have already made a difference.
But this isn't about me or CCF. You don't need to send us money and you don't need someone between you and the many poor, isolated and neglected old people here. Make your own connection, in your own area, with those you have seen, pitied but not yet acted.
Yes, you can point to those who have lots of money but don't give at all. Or those with the power to help but without care or pity. If you compare yourself with them, you have already given up.
Don't measure yourself against those who could easily help but choose not to. This is about you, your heart and soul, and you need to measure yourself against the other good people in this world.
Or as Buddha said. "However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?"

រង្ស៊ីជួយជាតិ ឬ ក្បថជាតិ?

ជួយជាតិយួន ក្បថជាតិខ្មែរ!

Scott Neeson

I (Ong Bunthoeut) invite all Khmer for Help GrandMa in need!